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janos bergman

janos bergman

Internationally acclaimed Summerside, Prince Edward Island artist creating unique, edgy, contemporary paintings.  All paintings are originals; acrylic on canvas.

Bergman’s current body of work clearly demonstrates a marked departure from his initial period. His large acrylic paintings reflect a nonconformist approach, bold use of colour, coupled with fearless brush and palette strokes. His modus operandi to constantly do the unexpected will keep you guessing. His unabashed preference to just follow his heart and paint the world as he sees it is omnipresent in all his work.

A believer in environmental protection, Janos frequently uses repurposed canvases. A prolific painter, Janos is continually inspired by his travels worldwide and nature’s beauty in all its shapes and forms – as unorthodox as they may appear. Through his works he endeavours to convey a sense of optimism. 

One of the main goals and objectives of my regular exhibitions held worldwide is to bring about and elevate global attention to Prince Edward Island, its geographic wonders, trade and tourism opportunities. I firmly believe, based on personal experience, the ongoing, wide exposure will ultimately lead to increased trade and business development.”

Janos who had enjoyed a lengthy and successful senior executive career serving governments, private and non-profit sectors in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe is on record as saying: “Having lived and worked in numerous Canadian provinces and many parts of the world, I ultimately chose Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

The artist is fluent in English, French, German and Hungarian.

Janos Bergman resides and paints in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest Province. The artist has been painting since 1982. 



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Paintings by Janos Bergman

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